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Younger men are thinking of dating older women.

I’m reading this article online. It’s about younger men being attracted to older women. And I’m expecting it to have quite some insights for you. One of the questions is ‘age’. And another one is ‘kids’.

Here’s my reporting on the story.

From a man’s point of view, older women have gone through some stuff already. They’re likely to be more mature. With a head on their shoulders that they think more critically with. But why’s that so attractive? It’s because they’re calm. And it’s because they’re more likely to treat younger men with appreciation.

Interesting fact from what I’ve read: Men seem to be looking for intelligence. Meshing perfectly. And I find that interesting, because it’s not what I expected to find. Maybe that’s because of a stereotype. Maybe not. By the way, dating a married woman is a no-no. Wait until she’s divorced. If that. Because there are men that are dating married women. And if she’s smart, she won’t.

So, to summarize:

Interesting insights into thoughts. And the whole age thing isn’t actually an issue in most cases. Because in most cases there’s a maximum difference of 10 years. I’ve seen some outliers. Like a 20 year old male with a 40 year old female. All good and dandy when ages are set that way. But 20 years down the road she’ll be 60.. and you’ll be 40.