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5 tips on dating Indonesian woman as a Non-Muslim

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It is natural for any man visiting or moving to Indonesia to fall in love with the local citizens. It is just hard not to succumb to the beauty of Indonesian women. Moreover, Indonesian cupid review sites are much-helping foreigners who are looking for girls from Indonesia to get married. However, unlike in other parts of the world, love is not everything here. The reality of dating a local Muslim woman when you are a non-Muslim is much different. Majority of the citizens are Muslims, which means you have to abide by their cultural practices. Additionally, you have to conform to some legal agreements. Below we have elaborated some tips to date Indonesian woman as a Non-Muslim

Premarital sex is forbidden

Do you come from a country where sex before marriage if the norm? That is not the case here. To Indonesians, premarital sex is a taboo. Some wayward young people, nonetheless, engage in it but they hide it at all costs. So, if you are dating a local and she declines your sexual advances, this does not mean she is not interested in a relationship with you. Most families are traditional, and chances are your date subscribe to the cultural ways. To such a lady, premarital sex is not only disgraceful but also detrimental to her family’s reputation.

No Public Display of affection

Are you fond of kissing your girlfriend in public? Do not try that on an Indonesian girl. She will either run away or kiss you back to avoid disappointing you and never show up on your subsequent date. The same applies to touch, holding hands, or caressing you in public. Always remember that Indonesia is a Muslim country, and the religion strongly discourages the display of affection in public. So, exercise self-control, and your date will stick around and stay easy around you.

Foot the Bill Please

When you are going out with an Indonesian girl be prepared to pay for all the drinks, dinner and desserts. Unlike Europeans, Asians ladies feel, loved, respected, and cherished when you treat them that way. Exercise some caution while paying the bills, in any case. Some devious girls may want to fleece you by asking you to buy shoes, bags and other fashionable stuff, particularly at the start. If you notice such characteristics steer clear; she could get one of the few gold-diggers. Weigh her behavior closely.

Legal Agreements

Prenuptial legal agreements bind foreigners and expats who marry in the country. The same spells out clearly what happens in the event of a divorce or even death of one party. So, take your fiancée through the agreements. Discuss everything in advance to safeguard your finances. Note that Indonesian law does not allow expats to possess freehold property. As such, should a local partner die, the law requires the foreign lover to dispose of the property to a citizen within one year?

Consider Converting to Muslim

If you wish to marry your Muslim girlfriend in the country, consider becoming a Muslim. The reason is, according to the Quran, Muslim women should only marry men from their religion. The government also encourages marriage between people of the same faith; whether between Muslims, Christians, or even Buddhists. Non-Muslims have found the process a lot simpler when they convert to the predominant faith, to marry and establish a family, than if they stick to their religion.

Romantic Date Ideas in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country. It is home to a diverse community that has everything from tropical jungles to massive volcanoes. There is so much to do here! If you’re living in Indonesia or vacationing there, it has a variety of great spots for going on a date. Romance will take over in this country! Here are some of the best places to go on a date in a great place known as Indonesia.

One of the best places to go on a date in Jakarta is at a restaurant known as Henshin. Enjoy a delicious meal with your loved one while looking out into the beautiful city, skyline. Dining guests are seated on the 68th floor! There are also unique places you can be seated that are more private.

Another excellent dating spot in Indonesia is a neat ice skating rink called Sky Rink. Located in Jakarta, it is one of the more basic dating options, but it always makes for a good time!

The Ragunan Zoo is such a fun attraction! Zoos are always the right places to go on dates, but this one is extra special. It is the oldest zoo in Indonesia; it opened back in the 1860s. This zoo has over 3,000 different animals such as orangutans, elephants, and other rare species. They also have romantic trails you can stroll along and even have a nice picnic!

Santo proposing Anni at Lucy  In The Sky Bar

A nice bar called Lucy in the Sky is a fantastic place for a date! This space has been beautifully designed and has comfy seating and great drinks. You and your loved one are sure to have a good time lounging here.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Indonesia. Visit the Segarra Beach Club for a romantic getaway, which is a great place to enjoy dinner while watching the beautiful sunset, all while being on the beach. You could even spend the night there if necessary. Nothing can get better than that!

If you and your date like being downtown, Tribeca Park is the spot for you! Here there are attractions all around, such as a mall, trails, and restaurants. This park also holds special events, so make sure you check out what’s going on when you’re there!

Tea drinkers this one’s for you! Fat Bubble is a great spot to get some of the best bubble tea. If you don’t know what bubble tea is, you should try it! It consists of tea, milk, and sugar! You and your date could get this unique beverage and sit down in the cute area they have set up or walk around town with it.

Last but not least is a dessert place called ‘Better Chocolate Than Never’. This place has all the best kinds of dark chocolate. They have treats like cakes, pies, truffles, ice cream, cookies, and beverages. They have the best and freshest ingredients that set them apart from everyone else!

How to Meet and Date Indonesian Girls

Indonesia is a beautiful country. Particularly places like Bali and Jakarta are breathtaking. However, do you know what is more beautiful than the sites? Indonesian girls. They are naturally beautiful with a warm smile, and they are extraordinary fun and lively beings. You would undoubtedly be attracted to them as soon as you see them. Then the question comes, how to approach them, and meet and date these beautiful girls. Let us share some tips about meeting and dating them.

Meeting an Indonesian Girl:

On Indonesian girls dating foreigners

You can reach them anywhere in clubs, bars. They are fun and easygoing and generally attracted to western guys. However, we would prefer not to leave the meeting for chance and take some proactive steps like the use of online dating sites. There are many excellent online dating sites for Indonesia, which are secure and trustworthy. That solves your first question about the meeting.

Rules of Dating:

So you meet the girl, be charming and manly and all. And then you ask her out for a date. She says, yes! Up to this, everything is fine but then what? The rules of dating a beautiful Indonesian girl is different from dating a darling back at home. Here are a few tips on dating in Indonesia.

Always Complement Her
As told earlier, Indonesian girls are naturally gorgeous, but that does not mean that they do not go for makeups. They, particularly those are from Jakarta, do much makeup at home, salon or a spa. They might come a little late for dates, especially on the first date, to look gorgeous. As they are putting so much effort to look beautiful for you, the least you can do is compliment her, always.

A perfect mix of Traditional culture with wildness

The Indonesian girls have a unique nature. They are very traditional. They are like caring, motherly, and you might think of how they could be wild as well. However, they have another side, kind of alternate ego if you please. They are wild at that side. They are open to experiment, trying new poses and what not. Keep this in mind when you are dating one, and still, you will be surprised.

Take the Lead

Indonesian culture teaches the girls to be submissive yet confident. They want their date to take the lead, be in charge. You need to perform that role correctly. Else your partner may not go well.

Pick the Tab

Read this third point. It is asking you to be the man. That means you have to pay the bills at restaurants as well. The girls expect her manly’ date will pay for the dinner or lunch. Even if she offers to pay, her partner will refuse politely and pay. Be prepared for that, the restaurants in Indonesia could be very costly, particularly alcohol. It would help if you were ready to pay $100+ on one date. One option though if you do not want to spend that much, go for a coffee date instead.


The girls are beautiful, so are the traditions. You need to be aware of the traditions while going for a date. Hope the article can help you with that. Good luck.